Old astroph identifiers When searching for old astro-ph identifier please remove the slash. Example: astro-ph/9912229 -> astro-ph9912229
Papers only until June 2018 and only astro-ph are currently used in the DeepThought Framework

Support DeepThought

If you use the DeepThought web service, please add: "This work made use of the DeepThought knowledge discovery service \citep{2017arXiv170505840K}". Citing DeepThought will enable help us get support to extend this service. As a little encouragement to cite us, we have defined some stretch goals that we will work on if we get cited:


Making DeepThought better requires your help. If things don't work as expected please open an issue at http://github.com/wkerzendorf/deepthought_web or write to wkerzendorf@gmail.com.